Security Compass has a simple philosophy, straight talking.  Let’s get down to basics and communicate in simple terms so we can help each other. At Security Compass we try to “de-mystify and simplify” the area of security and security management. The core is making sure that what we do is specific to your security needs; operationally, legally and morally in the specific context you are working in.


   (Andy Marshall (yellow vest) debriefs at the DDG HEAT course 2011; photo courtesy DDG)           

Each service is definedwith a discussion where you as a client state your concerns and expected outcomes………….and we go from there!

Below is an example of which trainings and assessment/audits Security Compass is able to offer in broad terms.
  • Field Security Management Training & Reviews.
  • Training of Security Officers and Security Focal Points.
  • Personal Security Training (tailor-made courses).
  • Training of Guards.
  • Training of Drivers.
  • “How to” write a Security Plan.
  • Risk Analysis.
  • Security Awareness and Compliance.
  • General Security Audits.
  • Post-Incident Analysis & Recommendations.
At Security Compass we partner only with trainers of the highest quality and specialists within their field. We have a network of individuals to meet your tailored needs.

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