Why Security Compass?


I come from the field, I spent 10 years there with MSF managing teams and managing security. I have also held various HQ positions including a Security Advisor position for a large reputable NGO and know what it is like to try and distance manage teams regards security when it comes to awareness and compliance. I have been in all types of situations, good and bad and I try to use my experience to make things better.
With my NGO background, my extensive field experience and additional academic training (MSc Disaster Mgt) I look for solutions and try not to lay blame as when with teams I can easily say "I have been in your shoes". I know that I have to prove myself and my CV and time served with NGOs are a testament to that.
I try to gain trust..............and show that I have multiple solutions to individual questions. I work hard because I still enjoy what I do and know who the true beneficiaries are.

How Security Compass works.
I continue to work both as an individual and in alliance with other trusted partners under the name Security Compass. I am still committed to the same level of professionalism, trust and dedication as I have always shown.
See Clients to see who I have worked with before.


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