Andy Marshall started Security-Compass in early 2010.

After spending a significant period of his professional life in the field with MSF (1994-2007) in places such as Liberia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Iraq and Ethiopia; Andy has gained significant practical 'hands-on' security management experience.
In addition, Andy understands NGO, the dynamics of teams, the balance of meeting needs and security risks, working on security awareness and compliance and demonstrating principles, values and mission in a clear, concise and consistent manner.

In 2007 Andy joined Oxfam Novibs Humanitarian Unit responsible for the Horn of Africa, East Africa, East and South-East Asia. From 2008 until his departure in 2009 Andy was also the HQ Security Advisor for Oxfam Novib, advising line managers, HQ personnel, field officers and local partners on security issues.

In 2009 Andy briefly re-joined MSF-Holland as a Project Risk Officer tasked with developing security training programs for national staff. These trainings for Drivers and Guards were field tested by Andy in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

It was seeing the need for such trainings that lead Andy to establish Security-Compass; since 2010 Andy has been a regular trainer for major training institutes such as Redr-UK delivering security trainings in the UK, USA, Afghanistan and Kenya.

Being based in the Netherlands, Andy also trains for the Centre for safety and Development (CSD) and has delivered security trainings in Pakistan, Afghanistan and in the Netherlands both as part of a broader security training and as a tailor made course.

Security-Compass itself offers different trainings and currently offers 3-4 days Personal Security Management courses running in Beirut and Amman.
Security-Compass has also offered Guards and Drivers training for MSF-Holland (Pakistan), Merlin (Ethiopia) and GOAL (South Sudan in collaboration with CSD).

Andy has also undertaken assessments in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somaliland, Puntland, DRC and South Sudan for Merlin, MSF and GOAL.

Andy is becoming recognised as a quality writer, developer and deliverer of security training programs of varying levels. In 2011 and 2012 he was amongst the core group who developed and delivered the Danish Demining Groups (DDG) initial Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT). He continued to train on the course until 2012.
This was noted when Andy was asked by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to update and standardise their HEAT training course in 2012.
Andy has also written complete training packages for agencies such as Redr-UK.

With a background in NGOs and experience at all levels in the NGO management spectrum Andy finds it possible to offer multiple solutions to a single problem or difficulty. It is possible to discuss issues from his own personal experiences so that 'blame' is not the focus within a discussion, but rather solution and moving forward.

Andy also hold a MSc in Disaster Management (2005) so is able to put practical, academic (best practice) and agency specific (policy and guideline) arguements forward in simple terms.

Teams and HQ members can relate to Andy as he has been where they have been.

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